Grad and post-doc opportunities: an overview

I am interested in almost anything to do with the long-term effects of barren versus enriched housing conditions; in understanding why some animals adapt more readily than others to being caged (e.g. because of their temperament, species or early life experiences); and in validating indicators of welfare (by which I mean how animals feel: their conscious emotional states). I welcome any suggested projects fitting within these broad topics (for some some ideas, see Specific projects 2015-’17). If you enjoy travel, your research could involve working overseas for a few months with some of my collaborators (e.g. in South Africa, the UK, the US and Denmark).

I am looking for grad students with high GPAs — typically 85%+ — aiming to win their own scholarships (possible funding sources are listed below). I am happy to help with scholarship applications, and would fund the full research, travel, conference, publishing and computing costs of scholarship winners. I also very much welcome thesis students from other labs seeking short-term internships (to date I’ve hosted terrific grad students from France, the Netherlands, Norway and Poland for 3-6 month-long research visits). Finally, I am very keen to host good post-docs — either those winning their own fellowships (same deal as for grad students) or ones I work with to win grant money from OMAFRA (see ‘Funding’ section).

For my general advice about thesis versus coursework degrees, please read this.

For the other welfare labs in Guelph, please go to the UoG Animal Behaviour and Welfare page.